G&S Gift Packaging

G&S Gift Packaging

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Newborn Baby Girl / Boy
Gifts and Service (G & S) invite you to create your own party or present in an extraordinary and memorable way. If you choose a gift package, we tell you: First, look at all assortments that match the color and size. Your gift will be created by you. If it is difficult to choose and you doubt your choice, you can write and ask what you should choose. Do not forget to say about the event / party, about the person and the size of your gift, we will gladly contact you and advise you.

Our offer includes:

  • Cardboards in different colors, even pasted with thick paper. On order you can select different boxes with the right paper (your choice and size).
  • Selection of suitable ribbons and bands of different sizes.
  • Greeting cards for different congratulations.

Give a little attention to your family, friends and acquaintances with a little word of desire!

Gift is packed! For our retail packaging site, please refer to: G&S Retail Packaging